Nutritive Marketing with a Special Review on Honey

Martinovski, Sasko and Gulevska, Fani (2017) Nutritive Marketing with a Special Review on Honey. International Journal of Business and Management Invention, 6 (7). 05-11. ISSN ISSN (Online): 2319 – 8028, ISSN (Print): 2319 – 801X

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Nowadays, many marketing strategies are applied as support for the big companies in researching consumers’ behaviour when buying alimentary products. The working success of these companies depends much on having information about the consumers’ buying decisions via discovering buyers patterns of best buyers and predicting their behavior. Research on how much do nutritive qualities affect the buying behavior of alimentary products, is showing an upward movement, and, therefore, there is a greater need to include a nutritional determinant. The research subject of this paper is the theoretical development of a new methodology in the area of marketing, aiming toward the significance of a nutritional determinant in alimentary products, the consumers’ behavior in the part of the influence of the nutritive qualities, and toward using concepts for emphasizing the nutritive qualities and components which affect people’s health and wellbeing. This methodology is causing a new concept of marketing called Nutritive marketing which includes a couple of principles (3N). The research is justified with implementing the principles of nutritive marketing of honey as a product with high nutritive value. One of the principals of nutritive marketing is the way of determining the degree of influence the nutritional determinant has on consumers’ behavior. A partial implementation of the nutritional marketing on honey has been shown. For that purpose, a survey has been carried out on honey consumers in the Republic of Macedonia. Additionally, progressive analysis has been done to the data from the survey. The analysis has been justified with creating many statistical models, part of which are the model for correlational analysis and the model for patterns distribution. The new concept called Nutritive marketing will give information about how much is the consumer informed about the nutritive qualities of alimentary products, about their quality in the process of buying, about declaration of alimentary products, the product’s quality and its importance in the diet. Also, the principles of nutritive marketing and the developed methodology will enable companies to create a successful marketing strategy for alimentary products. The benefit could be triple: benefit for companies by bigger profit, benefit for citizens by consuming healthy and safe alimentary products, and, finally, benefit for the country. Keywords: Nutrition marketing, Nutritionism, nutritional properties, consumers’ behavior, honey, 3N

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