Language in Political Speeches

Neshkovska, Silvana (2019) Language in Political Speeches. International Scientific Conference “Towards a Better Future: Democracy, EU Integration and Criminal Justice” Conference Proceedings, Volume II, 2. pp. 115-124. ISSN 978-608-4670-05-6 608-4670-05-9

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The persuasive power of political discourse almost entirely rests on the skillful usage of language. Only politicians equipped with a plethora of linguistic tools manage to truly lay claims on political power and authority. This study seeks to analyze the linguistic strategies Macedonian politicians utilize in their political speeches, in order to construct their and their opponents’ roles in the political arena, and to present a reality which simultaneously legitimizes their ideology and undermines the ideology of their adversaries. Based on Critical Discourse Analysis, this study is qualitative in nature and its aim is to investigate how politicians in a very concrete socio-political context with their choice of lexis, syntactic structures, and figures of speech, make an attempt to successfully present themselves and, at the same time, mar their opponents’ repute. The study shows that, apart from the evident similarities, yet certain differences appear in the use of the linguistic strategies between the politician who currently holds the political control and the one who is aspiring to come to power.

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