Prespa Lake water qualiti and protection

Stoilova, Snezhana and Ramova Popova, Elizabeta and Stoilov, Blagoja (2013) Prespa Lake water qualiti and protection. In: Prespa lake water quality and protection. Jokull Journal, Bitola, pp. 2-5. ISBN ISSN 0449-0376

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Abstract The purpose of this paper is to display the Prespa Lake accuracy quality as well as measures for lake protection. To perform a risk assessment of surface waters pollution before a season in 2011 it is made a monitoring on a beach and lake water quality by the Center for Public Health and Bitola. It is also observed the health - environmental risk from sewage works wastewater from catering-tourist facilities and sewage works in Ezerani. Due to the great importance of the Prespa Lake as a natural lake, a control is periodically performed on its surface water from January to October. Also regular reviews are made on the coast, in and out of season to be able to perform proper assessment of existing risks on its contamination. Parameters disturbance of the oxygen regime is due to the large increase in the level of the lake which appeared large underwater movements and almost daily rainfall, which contributed to disturbance water quality. Coliform bacteria identification in surface indicates E. Coli presence, which is an indicator of fresh faecal contamination. There are direct contaminants , rivers that pass through villages and collect sewages from rural population. Also, sanitary protection zones are not respected, there is not a local sewerage in all villages around the lake and the existing sewage-works are not maintained and do not treat sewages to needed quality. According to the physical-chemical parameters, the research results display that water purity ranges from class I to III and according to bacteriological parameters from class I to II. Keywords: Prespa lake, protection, quality, water.

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