The Influence of Risk Factors on Sociopathological Phenomena Amongst Youth in Republic of Macedonia

Saše Gerasimoski, SG (2018) The Influence of Risk Factors on Sociopathological Phenomena Amongst Youth in Republic of Macedonia. In: Proceedings of the IX-th International Scientific Conference Security System Reforms as A Precondition for Euro-Atlantic Integrations. Faculty of Security, Skopje, pp. 25-37.

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Sociopathological phenomena among youth in the Republic of Macedonia have undoubtedly increased in the last almost three decades. What is more concerning, a clear trend of further increase can also be observed. There is an evident lack of scientific research in this field, apart from the research of the influence of the risk factors on sociopathological phenomena amongst youth. Having that in mind, this paper aims at determining the relation between the risk factors and sociopathological phenomena amongst youth in the Republic of Macedonia. To this end, the author has done a survey of students‘ value attitudes and perceptions trying to shed light on the relatedness between risk factors and different kinds of sociopathological phenomena. The survey was conducted in the last five years with students at the Faculty of Security of Skopje. Theoretically, the research rests primarily on risks vs. protective factors theory, with some broader references to theory of anomie, broader theories of socio-structural disorganization, and interaction. Methodologically, the research uses a semi-structured questionnaire for data gathering, while results have been analyzed and interpreted in correlation with similar recent studies, both domestic and foreign. The main premise of the author is that there are no significant differences in students‘ attitudes and perceptions concerning the influence of the risk factors on sociopathological phenomena compared to recent scientific studies. Also, the research tries to determine what the risk factors which influence each of the sociopathological phenomena the most are, and to specify the risk factors that have highest relatedness (influence) on each sociopathological phenomenon. Consequently, the research, though limited in its scope, should give an insight in this under researched field. In this context, the author offers recommendations and conclusions that could be of use both to scientific researches and state and civilian policy makers as well to practitioners in the field of societal reaction, control and prevention. Keywords: risk factors, sociopathological phenomena, youth, etiology, phenomenology

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