The Role of the Local Prevention Councils in Prevention of the Sociopathological Phenomena in the City of Skopje

Saše Gerasimoski, SG and Marjan Arsovski, MA (2016) The Role of the Local Prevention Councils in Prevention of the Sociopathological Phenomena in the City of Skopje. In: Safety, Security, and Social Control in Local Communities, Conference Proceedings. Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security, Ljubljana, pp. 59-66.

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Purpose: This paper deals with the work of newly established Local Prevention Councils [LPC] in city of Skopje and its role in prevention of various socio-pathological phenomena. Methods: Mainly qualitative research methods are being used for gathering, analysing and interpreting the results of the research. We carried out 20 non-structured, informal interviews in which members of LPC from city of Skopje and municipalities of Skopje are being interviewed. In addition, we also use content analyses of the national legal legislation covering the LPC work in Republic of Macedonia. Findings: The paper is aimed to show the state and role of LPC in city of Skopje, Republic of Macedonia and to assess the achievements of their work so far. The used methodology and theoretical insight are expected to give clearer picture on the legitimacy of their work, assess their real role and contribution in prevention of socio-pathological phenomena, as well as to point out to the weaknesses of their work. As a result, the authors give recommendations and proposals on how to improve legal framework and heighten the degree of efficiency of LPC in dealing with prevention of socio-pathological phenomena within the city of Skopje. Research limitations: In general, the limitations of the paper could be seen in the methods used for gathering the data, as well as in the fact that this problem, to the authors’ knowledge, has not been scientifically researched so far in Republic of Macedonia. The implications could be summed up in the useful recommendations and proposals that will arise from research and could be of use to LPC in improving their work and effectiveness in prevention of socio-pathological phenomena. Originality: The originality of the paper could be seen in researching of the relatively new phenomena in prevention such as LPC, but also in providing new insights on many possibilities for improvement of their work and efficiency, given the organizational, contextual and legal improvements that could be implemented in the future. Keywords: Local prevention councils, socio-pathological phenomena, local self-government, Skopje

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