Dimoska, Tatjana and Petrevska, Biljana (2012) TOURISM AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN MACEDONIA. Proceedings from the 21 Biennial International Congress “Tourism and Hospitality Industry 2012”: “New trends in tourism and hospitality management”, University of Rieka, Faculty of tourism and hospitality management - Opatija, Croatia. pp. 12-20.

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In the past few decades, tourism has emerged as one of the major industries in the world economy, by benefiting transportation, accommodation, catering and many other sectors. Thus, each country insists on developing it and making a profit from its variety of impacts. Moreover, everyone is interested in increasing the number of incoming visitors since it serves as a source of economic growth. This paper addresses the economic impacts of tourism in Macedonia and makes an attempt to assess its contribution to the economic development. For that purpose, we address some economic parameters: the gross domestic product in order to measure the contribution of tourism for the overall economic activity; employment in tourism as possibility to contribute to job creation in combating unemployment rate; and the net flows of tourism services by analyzing the balance of payments. Moreover, a comparative analysis on some additional economic aspects is presented, resulting into conclusions for having plenty of possibilities to promote tourism inflows in terms of undertaking serious measures and activities for attracting larger number of foreign tourists. In order to expose more interesting concluding remarks, the data set used in the study is observed in two periods: 1991-2000 as a period just after the independence of Macedonia and 2001-2010 as a period extensive enough to observe the first tourism outcomes. Accordingly, the paper underscores the need for continuous analysis of tourism economic impacts as an important consideration to all tourism key actors responsible for creating economic development strategies in Macedonia. Key words: Tourism; Economic impacts of tourism; Economic development; Macedonia.

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