The relationship between small and medium-sized enterprises, tourism and economic development

Dimoska, Tatjana and Tuntev, Zoran and Nikolovski, Branko (2015) The relationship between small and medium-sized enterprises, tourism and economic development. (JPMNT) Journal of Process Management - New Technologies, International, 3 (1). pp. 18-27. ISSN 2334-735X


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Tourism is the world’s largest industry and makes a major contribution to the economies of most developed and developing countries. Tourism as an important socio-economical phenomenon is characterized with distinctly largeness and dynamic development that results with many positive direct as well as indirect economical effects. That is a measure for increasing of possibilities of encouragement of the total economical development through tourism development. Tourism generates income from consumption of goods and services by tourists as well as taxes on businesses in the tourism industry, provides employment in services related to tourism, but also creates jobs in the tertiary sector, generates growth of primary and secondary sectors of the industry as result of multiplicative effect. In this context especially are important small and medium tourism enterprises which dominate in the tourism destinations according to their number, originating a variety of benefits for the tourism destinations by providing direct contact with tourists and by encouraging tourist for spending in a local community. The aim of this paper is to point out the importance of small and medium –sized enterprises in general and especially in the field of tourism for increasing economic development in the national economy with particular reference on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia. In this paper, first will be analyzed the term small and medium - sized enterprises in general and then will be explained their application in the field of tourism with highlighting of their strategic advantages for the tourism destinations and overall economic development of the entire national economy. Finally, will be analyzed the role played by SMEs for the economic development of the Republic of Macedonia with a special emphasis on the measures and actions which have to be taken in the future by the competent authorities for further stimulation of their development. Key words: small and medium-sized enterprises, tourism, economic development, Republic of Macedonia

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