Nikolovski, Zoran (2019) INTERACTION BETWEEN FRENCH LANGUAGE AND PUBLIC SERVICES OF FRANCE IN THE SECOND HALF OF THE 20th CENTURY. International Journal of Education Teacher, 9 (17). pp. 5-14. ISSN 1857- 8888

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The public services play a major role in preserving the status of the French language on the internall plan, in promoting it as a language of international communication, as well as in fostering language and cultural diversity. For better illustration of the interaction between the language and the public services, we will present their role in the preservation and promotion of the French language on the internal and internationall plan, as well as its terminological enrichment in the second half of the 20th century. Internally, the public services properly apply the required decisions for proper and regular use of the French language, pay attention to the increasing of the quality and properly apply the recommended terminologies by the terminology commissions in administrative and legal documents, while maintaining scientific manifestations and publication of publications, commercial posts and advertisements, products, trademarks, as well as on the websites. Internationally, the public services consistently promote the French language in relations with the European Union, United Nations and with Francophone countries. They regularly review the bilateral and multilateral agreements, strengthen the translation services, establish a fund for assistance in translating and interpreting international events, and organize language courses. France, as one of the main coordinators of the International Organization of the Francophone, proposes more measures for spreading of the French language in the world by encouraging Francophone scientific staff to participate in various international activities, increasing its presence on the Internet, creating electronic language tools, etc. With the terminological enrichment, the French language is modernized and enhanced its use. For this purpose, are created terminology and neology commissions, which in contact with the French Academy, related institutions from the francophone countries and international standardization organizations, encourage the creation of new terms in all areas that are constantly updated and thus directly and positively affected on its status at the international plan.

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