Gligorovski, Violeta and Mancheski, Gjorgji and Angeleski, Marjan (2017) ADAPTATION MODEL FOR REDUCING THE MANAGERIAL STRESS. nnals of the „Constantin Brâncuşi” University of Târgu Jiu, Economy Series, Issue 6.


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Changes are an inseparable component of the company's life cycle and they can contribute to its essential growth in the future. The purpose of this paper is to explain managerial stress caused by implementation of changes and creating an adaptation model to decrease managerial stress. How much the manager will successfully lead the project for implementation of a change and how much they will manage to amortize stress among employees, mostly depends on their expertise, knowledge and skills to accurately and comprehensively inform and integrate the employees in the overall process. The adaptation model is actually a new approach and recommendation for managers for dealing with stress when the changes are implemented. Methodology . For this purpose, the data presented, in fact, were collected through a questionnaire that was submitted to 61 respondents/ managers. The data were measured using the Likert scale from 1 to 7. Namely, with the help of the Likert scale, quantification of stress was made in relation to the various variables that were identified as the most important for the researched issues. An adaption model (new approach) for amortizing changes was created using the DIA Diagram application, to show the relations between manager and the relevant amortization approaches.

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