Population dynamics of aphidophagous hoverflies on tobacco plants

Krsteska, Vesna (2008) Population dynamics of aphidophagous hoverflies on tobacco plants. Acta entomologica serbica, 13 (1/2). pp. 27-41.

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During the faunistic studies of hoverflies on the tobacco in the Prilep area in 2003-2005, we registered 10 aphidophagous species of the Syrphidae family: Sphaerophoria scripta Linnaeus, Sphaerophoria rueppelli Wiedemann, Scaeva pyrastri Linnaeus, Episyrphus balteatus De Geer, Eupeodes corollae Fabricius, Syrphus ribesii Linnaeus, Paragus quadrifasciatus Meigen, Paragus testaceus (bicolor group) Meigen, Paragus (Pandasyophthalmus) tibialis Fallén, Melanostoma mellinum Linnaeus. Aphidophagous hoverflies are important natural regulators of the aphid population on tobacco.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: aphidophagous hoverflies, aphids, tobacco
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