Strategic Approach of Companies in Republic of Macedonia for the Implementation of E-Marketing

Markoski, Zarko and Janeska, Margarita (2018) Strategic Approach of Companies in Republic of Macedonia for the Implementation of E-Marketing. Annal s of the „Constanti n Brâncuşi” University of Târgu Jiu, Economy Seri es (4).

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E-marketing strategy is part of an e-marketing plan that points out the necessary activities and resources to achieve the set goals. The marketing strategy is basically a way of directing and adjusting the activities to the target market. In order to achieve the best results by companies, it is necessary to make a detailed analysis of every aspect of the company's operations and its current presence on the Internet. Through research and analysis, can be seen the company's capabilities in order to achieve the best results. When creating an e-marketing strategy, it starts from analyzing the company's presence on the Internet, researching the competition and the capabilities of the company and campaign planning. E-marketing strategy enables the company to achieve its goals through a carefully selected combination of e-marketing tools and web marketing. Companies to remain successful on the market, it is necessary in their marketing strategy to implement e-marketing as a new way of working. The subject of research in this scientific paper is the determination of the strategic approach of the companies in Republic of Macedonia for the implementation of e-marketing as a new way of working. For the realization of this scientific paper, descriptive research is applied on the territory of Republic of Macedonia with a sample method. The analysis uses χ2- test calculation and calculation of the coefficient of contingency. Based on the data analysis, certain conclusions and recommendations have been adopted, which can be used by the companies in future.

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