Midovska, Marija (2012) CORPORATE BRAND STRATEGY ANDMANAGEMENT WITH KEY STAKEHOLDERS OF COMPANIES. 1st INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE South-East European Countries toward European Integration. pp. 140-143. ISSN 2221-5956

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Corporate reputation is one of the unused resources of many companies. Key people who assess corporate reputation, especially consumers, employees, stakeholders, competitors and others are that have an impact on the business sector. Corporate reputation plays a major role in achieving the objectives of each organization. It is very difficult to build a good reputation in the eyes of consumers and other stakeholders. But also once built a reputation very difficult to change. Each company in its business faces a number of different stakeholders. What is most important to determine is which of all these stakeholders are key to the company and work with them to be well managed. Management is working with stakeholders that never ends, and is aimed at balancing and integration of multiple connections and tasks arising from the interrelationships of the stakeholders. Each company is interested in building a sustainable and profitable relationship with its stakeholders. Good relations with customers and business partners, healthy corporate reputation, satisfied employees and efficient internal process to define the winners in today's global economy. Most of profitable companies have strong long term relationships with their stakeholders. As stakeholders on the Company Profile which can to some extent affect include: employees, its management, strategic partners and internal processes taking place in the Company Profile. On the other hand, are stakeholders on which company does leather affect and include: customers, distributors, suppliers and shareholders. Finally, the behavior of all these influences creating corporate reputation.

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