The EU and the Western Balkans: Bridging the integration obstacles

Rocheska, Slavica (2007) The EU and the Western Balkans: Bridging the integration obstacles. In: Proc. of International Conference “Contemporary Challenges of Theory and Practice in Economics”,, September 26-29, Belgrade,Serbia.

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After a period of political instability and fundamental economic reforms the Western Balkan countries are facing the challenge of consolidation, recovery and integration. However, the process of stabilization is still fragile and sluggish. Further political and economic reforms will be needed as a basic prerequisite in building credibility and steadiness of the region. Besides the considerable differences and discords, today, the Western Balkan countries are unified by a common goal – the EU membership. Current state regarding EU enlargement denoted by growing euroskepticism and enlargement fatigue is mainly unfavorable for these countries. Although clear European perspective has been officially offered to these countries recent changes indicate that the EU is becoming indecisive and restraint about this issue frequently emphasizing that enlargement depends not only on the ability of the countries to meet the Copenhagen criteria, but also on the ability of EU members to “digest” further expansion. Consequently, the basic strategic goal of the Western Balkan countries is to identify the factors that are of a vital importance in strengthening the relationship with the European Union and that will prospectively determine the pattern of integration into the European structures. Hence, the main objective of this paper is to analyze the most significant trends and factors potentially capable to produce sources for wider cooperation and to increase the convergence as an essential precondition for faster integration into the EU.

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