Inter and intra ethnical conflicts as factor for reducing of democratic and development capacities of Republic of Macedonia

Pechijareski, Ljupcho and Nikoloski, Dimitar (2015) Inter and intra ethnical conflicts as factor for reducing of democratic and development capacities of Republic of Macedonia. In: Challenges of Contemporary Society, November 12, 2015, Skopje.

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One of the paradoxes of the contemporary Macedonian society at the beginning of twenty-first century can be seen on the fact that in the same period when Republic of Macedonia become independent and sovereign state, the Macedonian society more and more intensively is disintegrating, or it is continuously reducing its social cohesion. Certainly, there are many resons for this among which most dominant are the inter- and intra-ethnical conflicts which have extremely negative effects as to the global social processes, but also to the individual existence of the citizens. Namely, today in Republic of Macedonia dominates ethnical, religious, political, social, cultural and axiological separation that blocks the rational approach in the processes of organazing and managment of the social life in all of its spheres: politics, economy culture, education etc. At the same time it leads to reducing of the democratic and development capacities of the country that has highly negative concenquences concerning the dymanics towards acess of Republic of Macedonia in European Union. According to the previous statements in this paper we will try to analyse the inter and intra ethnical conflicts in terms of its genesis, causes, actors, concequences, and possible alternatives in creating assumptions for their gradually overcoming. This approach, at the same time, implies to defyining of new priorities and contents concerning allround activities ot the the ethinc groups and political parties as well as the the citizens in the Macedonian society thatwill be in function of relaxing inter and intra ethnical relations. The establishing of these priorities should result with incersement of the social cohesion that in the same time is the basic assumption to speed up the integration of Republic of Macedonia in the European Union.

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