Profitability Analysis of the Banking Sector in Republic of Macedonia

Spaseska, Tatjana and Risteska, Aneta and Odzaklieska, Dragica and Risteska, Fanka (2018) Profitability Analysis of the Banking Sector in Republic of Macedonia. VIII. IBANESS Congress Series – Plovdiv / Bulgaria. pp. 306-312.

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The banks are important financial institutions in the financial system and the economy. Establishing a stabile and contemporary system is a basic precondition for establishing a healthy and dynamic economic development of a country, and it is a base for financing the dynamics of the economic prosperity. That is especially important in countries such as our country, with an undeveloped capital market where the banks are main carriers and sources of investments which will help the economic development and create a possibility for the best transformation of savings into productive investments indispensable for initiation and support of the economic development. In the contemporary conditions for economy, the banks manage the economic processes, where they participate actively and directly in finding out optimal solutions for the capital accumulation and use. In the situation of fast changes of the business environment, and the increasing market competitiveness, the banks’ policy which should be directed towards higher profitability, is more highlighted. The main objective of this paper is to examine the profitability of the banking sector in Republic of Macedonia. As proxy for banks profitability we consider the return on average assets (ROAA), the return on average equity (ROAE) ans Net Interest Margin (NIM). This paper uses a descriptive financial ratio analysis to measure, describe and analyses the performance of commercial banks in Macedonia during the analyzed period.

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