Gogoski, Risto and Cuculeski, Vasko (2019) GASTRONOMIC TOURISM, CREATIVE ECONOMY AND POSSIBILITY FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. In: 13th Symposium with international participation "Novel Technologies and Economic Development" Organized by: Faculty of Technology, Leskovac Co-organizer: Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU) - Branch in Niš.

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Gastronomy is the art and science of fine eating and is in the main focus of modern human life, its culture, tradition and customs. Basically, gastronomy is an experience of participating in another culture, experience of relationships with other people and places, which gives a strong sense of own identity. UNCTAD, as an organization in 2015, introduced the concept of a "creative economy" in the global agenda for economics and development. In essence, creative economy is a new concept that works through the influence of creativity, culture, economics and technology. Also, the OECD since 2015 with the new approach to tourism development puts creative tourism in the forefront through its creativity, innovation and intangible content. It is precisely that gastronomy, through its significant growth, has turned into the most dynamic and most creative segment of tourism. Gastronomy is essentially a creative industry. The aim of the paper is to explore the importance of gastronomy, that is, the "gastronomic economy" as a key sub-sector of the creative and tourism economy. Food is definitely a part of the creative economy, and as such it can guide the economic growth and development of underdeveloped industrial economies towards achieving their development goals, including the so-called. sustainable development goals promoted by UNDP. The general conclusions will be used for their application in the sustainable development of places in the Republic of North Macedonia. Conceptually the paper has several parts: First, an overview of the theoretical thought of gastronomy as an intangible cultural heritage is given. Second, the concept of a creative economy is presented through four approaches to its theoretical determination. Third, this is accompanied by the connection between gastronomic tourism and the creative economy, especially through the explanations of the forms of creativity. Fourth, Gastronomic tourism (industry) is an emerging concept that dealing with the interface between creativity, culture, business and technology. This reveals itself as a useful segment of the economy that can lead to accelerated economic development, primarily for underdeveloped economies, in accordance with the UNDP standards for sustainable development goals. In that sense, in the last part of the paper an attempt is made to explore the possibility of economic, social and environmental sustainability of places in Macedonia through the contribution of food and gastronomy. Key words: gastronomic tourism, creative economy, food and gastronomy, goals for sustainable development of places, gastronomic product.

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