Tosheva, Elizabeta (2012) MANAGING KNOWLEDGE FOR SUSTAINED COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. Faculty of Management, Novi Sad, serbia, Novi Sad, Serbia. ISBN 978-86-85067-43-3

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In global environment of rapid market changes, quick development and dissemination of technology, multiplication of competitors and obsolescence of the products, successful organizations became only those who constantly create new knowledge, disseminate it across the entire organization and quickly incorporate into new products and services. These organizations have realized that learning, i.e. new knowledge, education and development of employees has become crucial for future success of the firm. In this context, the theory of organizational learning examines how individual and team learning can be converted into organizational strategic resource and related to the management of knowledge. The purpose of this paper is to point out development of the resource capability of the organization as result of an organizational learning. This, in turn corresponds with one of the basic principles of strategic management of human resources, which shows the importance of the necessity of investing in people, in order to develop intellectual capital, which is required in the organization to increase its stock of knowledge and skills. Key words: organizational learning, knowledge management, intellectual capital, human resources management, competitive advantage

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