Janusheva, Violeta and Dimovska, Aneta (2016) STANDARD MACEDONIAN LANGUAGE USED IN TELEVISION ADVERTISEMENTS. "Orbis Linguarum", 14 (2). pp. 45-52.

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The successful effects of marketing are well known to companies thatdo not hesitate to spend millions in advertising. All kinds of tricks and techniques with the sole purpose of affecting the potential consumer in one way or otherare being used.There is a constant search for new ways and dimensions in which fresh and exciting methods can be implemented and the final goal of this process is directingthe message about the product to the costumers.In thisarticle, we have analyzed thelanguage used in advertisements that were broadcasted on the Macedonian radio television and othertelevision stations in the periodbetween 2000 and 2014.We have put emphasis on the advertisements’language characteristics, or to be specific, on the standard Macedonian language that is used in combination with marketing components in order to make the ads successful and the product acknowledged.We also conducted research which displays language characteristics that are desirable in an advertisement and the languagethat native speakers of Macedonian favor.

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