Group Work and Assessment Effects of Individual Work on Group Success

Blazheska-Tabakovska, Natasha and Januseva, Violeta (2009) Group Work and Assessment Effects of Individual Work on Group Success. In M. L. Dionísio; J. A. Brandão de Carvalho e R. V. Castro (Eds.), Discovering Worlds of Literacy. Proceedings of the 16th European Conference on Reading and 1st Ibero-American Forum on Literacies. Braga: Littera/CIEd. 1CD-Rom, 978-989-96548-0.. pp. 1-7.

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The work in groups The changes that have been occurring in the last few years in the Republic of Macedonia, in all the spheres of the social living, unutterably have concerned the educational system, as a crucial element and a pillar of every society. As a result of the numerous projects, training programs and seminars, most often organized and financed form foreign association, the educational system got its new physiognomy. The schools as centers of the educational actions gained a new role which, in a big part, has changed the established practice of the work of the teachers and the students in the classroom. These projects have offered techniques and strategies for the realization of the class which have made the classroom active workshops. The classroom has gained a totally new look, and the teachers and the students new role. The students have become active bearers of the process of gaining the necessary competence skills that are relevant to the job, and the teacher simply gives the directions for the activities. The student and the teacher have become partners in the process of teaching and being taught. The tendency of these changes is that the future academicals become the active bearers of the progress in the society, a citizen who knows its rights and obligations, one who will be a useful member of the society, a citizen who under these new conditions that dictate the market of the labor will be professionally capable to communicate and work in teams. The job of the students in group is one of the strategies of the active methodology. Working in groups significantly affects on the socialization of the students. Besides the beginners difficulties in the usage of this strategy (not having any experience, being unprepared, and the uneducated students and teachers for this kind of work), it is a fact the importance of this kind of work has been noticed. In this article, we do not go into details with the analysis of the beginners' mistakes, but few are just mentioned: considering the fact that the teachers work with students who are different according to their intellectual capacities and abilities on which basis to form the group, how to make the most beneficial division of the students into groups, which is the optimal number of group members, which classes and

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